Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yarn along- Gussets

This week I mostly just read magazines. Because sometimes that's all I can manage, you know? I turned the heal on my sock and now I have come to the most difficult part for me...gussets! (This is only the fourth sock I've ever made though so I'm hoping it will get easier.) I have trouble finding and picking up the slipped stiches and getting them back on the needle. Advice is welcome.


Emily said...

I am just now getting to the gusset on my sock -- good luck to you! (and I always heard turning the heel was supposed to be rough going)

pinkundine said...

I'm doing the gusset on my sock at the moment (5th sock ever, so I'm not sure I have any real advice!)

Have you considered trying a short row heel at some point? They don't have gussets at all!

Nin-Carol said...

I always make my socks from the toe up and haven't had any trouble with the gussets or turning. After you've made a few more pairs it will get easier, I promise.

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FlauschiOhren said...

Don't lose heart, it will get easier with every sock you knit =) But I switched to toe-up socks very early, I only knit 3 pairs of socks cuff-down and hated the heel and gusset parts. For me toe-up is so much easier and much more fun. But of course that is a matter of taste =)

Abe's Heart said...

That issue of The New Yorker had a great, profile, article on Michelle
Bachmann. I'm sorry to say, I don't know what a "gusset" is.

Abe's Heart.