Monday, August 29, 2011

this weekend

Our hearts go out to everyone who's been dealing with hurricane Irene and the aftermath. I hope the recovery is quick. After months of tangles and tears, Chris gave Unity a haircut this weekend. Other than her bangs, this is the first time her hair's ever been cut. Turned out pretty well, she's happy with it and hopefully this will lead to less tangles. We had a summer picnic with some friends including both Desmonds and their parents. We were celebrating the fact that Alex and Matias are in town, so of course I don't have any pictures of them. Sorry guys. Brixton bonked his head under the table and gave himself a bloody lip so he and Chris had to practice their father-son hardcore faces. Ready to go on tour, don't you think?

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grandma cindy said...

Nice job on the haircut. Looks cute! Ditto on the thoughts for everyone dealing with Irene and her after effects. Our thoughts are with you.

amanda {the habit of being} said...

too funny about going on tour ;-) and yes, the haircut looks fab - i tried to cut my girls' hair once and well, now i pay someone :(