Sunday, August 07, 2011


This weekend we went to Whidbey Island with some folks from our Quaker Meeting. It was Brixton's first camping trip. The day time was great, with lovely scenery and company. The night time, well....we kinda struck out on that. It's all a learning experience though, right? And it sure makes you appreciate the modern plumbing and soft beds at home. And washing machines...we were only gone for two days and one night but there is an enormous pile of muddy, bark and sand covered clothing and bedding staring at me. Still- nothing like trapsing around from the beach to the woods.
All together we had 11 adults and 11 kids- pretty good ratio!

Unity liked roasting the marshmallows but she didn't want to eat them.

Gibson, Ruth and Unity, all aged four, use teamwork to move a giant log!

We had the second-best spot on the ferry.

Worn out.


amanda {the habit of being} said...

looks like a fun weekend! and i'm with unity, i'll roast all the marshmallows as long as i don't have to eat one ;-)

Freedom Three said...

i can't wait until october! that's when it will be cool enough here to go camping. looks like a great time!

Baby By The Sea said...

Lovely island camping photos -- I used to live in Coupeville on Whidbey -- now I'm on San Juan Island.

Isn't camping with that many kids a total hoot?

grandma cindy said...

Looks like a very nice spot. Sorry you didn't get much sleep. It does get better! Just think of all the camping trips we took you guys on when you were little . . . and the major camping trips it led to later on. I think camping is in your blood. Glad you are passing it on to the rest of the family.