Friday, August 26, 2011


Quinn (in flowers), Unity, and Sadie (in green)
Beatrix and U

Brixton had a popsicle.

Or maybe it was the other way round.

Graduation is always such a muddle of fear and excitement, no matter what the age. Perhaps it's especially strong the first time, one of the earliest experiences of leaving one familiar place and set of people and moving on to the unknown friends and teachers in the future. We were able to attend the graduation at Unity's preschool and watch some of her friends take that step. Some were shy, some hammed it up, but they all got their ribbon and certificate, and of course, their cupcake. I'm hoping that Unity will be able to remember this when it's her turn to cross the stage next year.

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grandma cindy said...

Very nice pictures! Change. Ahh, yes. It's inevitable. You've captured it well in these pics too. Congrats to the grads. Good luck to Unity as she moves on to the upstairs group. And just look at Brixton. He seems ready to fit right in over there! Hope he knows he has to wait just a little bit longer. We're not ready to part with our toddler just yet.