Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was flipping through my old day planner and I found a bunch of funny quotes from the kids over the last year. Almost all of them are from Unity, Brixton is just starting to tell us his funny ideas. Enjoy!

She's a four-mingo, because she's four.

Mama, that says Storm! S-t-o-r-m.

The mailboxer has to take our mail.

School is more better than home because school is only a little clean up.

You know what my favorite color is? Jewelry!

I can put this picture on my wall with taxes.

Let's go to the Arburrito.

Do you like washing hands? No, because it's not fun. The only thing I like is wasting water.

See?  all gone. (Brixton with empty o's box.)

Ghosts don't exist. Well, they do exist because people can be ghosts for Halloween.

You have the best writing but mine is a little bit best too.

Do you know why I put this blanket here? Because at some point I will hide and you will seek me here.

I am a hinch taller than my brother.


oma said...

oh, my, i love these. i have realized i probably need to give up my dream of keeping a special book specifically to record funny quotes like this and stick to the dayplanner method. the jewelry comment kills me.

Great Grandma Bette said...

What delightful "pearls" of thoughts from a very bright, inquisitive, energetic, loving, beautiful little "princess".

grandma cindy said...

Years from now you will be so happy you wrote those down. They are so cute, it seems like you will remember them forever, but more cute things keep happening, sometimes crowding out the ones that preceeded them. I love them. Keep them coming, please!