Monday, October 30, 2006


it's one of the most indescribable things I've ever felt. but very exciting. no major can-can lines yet, just a few kick ball changes. amazing nonetheless.

Friday, October 27, 2006

A Conversation Overheard

While listening to a NPR segment about theatre in Seattle.

Polly: Unit will go to see plays.

[a pause]

Polly: Unit will go to the circus.

Chris: Unit will run away & join the circus!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Borrowing Felix

Today we decided to get some practice by borrowing a baby. Luckily, Felix was nearby and willing to help us out. First he and Chris practiced their sharing. Then Polly and Felix practiced getting covering with sand and finding interesting rocks.

Due to popular request

Unit now has a library thing account of heir own.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A New Roof and a Green Room

Things have been rather chaotic here in Seattle, with loads of construction going on at the house. We put a new roof over the yellow room during the last two weeks and we've been painting all the rooms to get ready for when Polly & Unit move in.

Polly and I have been spending more time in the paint section of the hardware store than is probably good for anyone. It doesn't seem like there are fumes or anything there, but I'm beginning to think that they gas the whole place with some kind of chemical that impairs your ability to select complimentary colors and your better judgement.

We picked out a nice green titled 'May Apple' for Unit's room. We both like apples and May is the time for both our birthdays. On the paint chip it looks nice and subtle, but once that color goes on the walls it turns into a bright neon green! Oh well, Unit will be very visually stimulated. Here's some pictures:

Monday, October 16, 2006

Unit - Frequently Asked Questions

I just thought I would write some answers to several of the frequently asked questions about Unit.

Q: When is Unit due?
A: We are told that Unit will be due on March 19th, 2007.

Q: How far along is Unit?
A: About 18 weeks.

Q: Are you going to find out Unit's sex?
A: Nope. We want it to be a surprise.

Q: Why aren't you going to find out Unit's sex?
A: Because we're not too big on gender roles, but we do like surprises.

Q: Are you really going to name the kid Unit?
A: Ummmm... Maybe? Calling each other 'Unit' comes from a young adult book called Feed by M.T. Anderson. As in: 'Hey unit, I'm totally null today.' Also, one name we really like is Unity, after the Operation Ivy song.

Q: Aren't you aware that there was this horrible crazy Nazi woman named Unity Mitford who shot herself in the head?
A: Yes, we are. However her middle name was also Valkyrie and she was conceived in Swastika, Ontario, so we tend to think that she might have been a horrible crazy Nazi for some other reasons. Plus, I'm no Baron Redesdale.

Q: You should just name the kid Chris or Kristine like your parents did.
A: Ha, ha. You're very funny. That's not a question.

Q: Ok, so what are you really going to name the kid?
A: We're not sure yet. We've got some contenders but we haven't decided on one yet. We might just get a monkey to pick a name out of the baby name book, but first we need to find a monkey. We'll let you know by April 2007.

Q: When will Unit be coming to [insert my town here]?
A: Unit has a very busy schedule for the rest of 2006 and early 2007, but be assured that we will announce tour dates sometime in the future.

Q: Will Chris subject Unit to that stuff he likes to call music but the rest of the world thinks is horrible, horrible noise?
A: But of course! Both Chris and his sister were subjected to repeated sessions of the Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb album Guilty. To this day both of them are able to recite the lyrics to 'Woman in Love.' It is only fair that Unit will be subjected to Ulver and At the Gates.

Q: Will Polly be cataloging all of Unit's reading material online at Library Thing?
A: But of course! If there's one thing Polly likes more than a book, it's an online database of books. Rest assured you will be able to find out how many other people also own Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.

Unit's Second Photo Shoot

Unit is now the size of a sweet potato. Yum! We celebrated this momentous occasion by having a photo shoot at Nordstrom Tower this morning. Unit was doing a little dance during the photo shoot, moving around its arms and legs. Here are some of the glamorous shots.

Click on the photos for bigger pictures.