Tuesday, August 16, 2011

walk with a toddler

Today it took us one hour and seventeen minutes to walk home from Brixton's music class. At my own pace, alone or with a willing child in a stroller it takes me about fifteen. In a car it takes five. But the stroller is on the outs these days. Someone has decided he's too big for it, and that is the end of that discussion. So today he pushed the stroller home by! self! And I took some deep deep breaths and reminded myself that we had no real plans, and if lunch and nap were a little later, oh well. His job right now is to explore and discover the world and if he wants to spend five minutes ripping up leaves, well he's learning. ( By the end though I was carrying him and pushing the stroller at the same time. Oof, my arms!) 
And we did eventually make it home. Now where's the ice cream?

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grandma cindy said...

Hope you get a double scoop of that ice cream. Remember though, just like the ice cream that is gone all too soon, these toddler days are passing quickly too. It may not seem like it when you are caught up in a long, drawn out walk home, but just look at Unity and you know it's true. Breathe and appreciate too.