Monday, August 01, 2011

a fresh page

When I worked at the bookstore I started using these day planners. I love that they start in August instead of January because even though I'm not in school anymore that feeling of new pencils and notebooks and a new grade always feels like the true beginning of a new year. There is something that still thrills in me at the clean new paper and the flat freshness of the pages. I love going through my new planner and writing in all the birthdays and anniversaries we will celebrate this year. It's appropriate that Unity moves from the napping room to the Pre-K room at her preschool today. The Pre-K kids are studying butterflies, among other things, and Unity is excited to join them. She's one of the big kids now and while it's sad to watch some of our friends graduate and move on to Kindergarten at other schools, we are excited for the new friends who are joining school. It's fun to see Unity move into that mentor role.


grandma cindy said...

I feel the same way about the new school year. Are you sure you weren't meant to be a teacher? Maybe just a perpetual student?? Go Unity! Go explore the world of butterflies and so much more.

grandma ann said...

That's so true, Cindy. When I retired I did not get over that feeling of "back to school." Enjoy your new role at Pre School, Unity!