Thursday, June 28, 2012

To talk about gardens

It's hard not to talk about gardens this time of year. Especially when I live in a city with such beautiful gardens everywhere I go, when it seems like almost everyone I know has a little vegetable plot or a couple of tomato plants.

                                  Our fruit harvest continues, much to the kids delight. Well, really
                                   it's everyone's delight.

                               Diapers on the line. Ok that's not really part of my garden.
                               But it's finally nice enough to do it.

                                      Our little beet survivors are doing well.


                                       We've been eating up our broccoli all week. Yum.

                                          The rasberries peeking out. Every fruit from our garden takes its
                                turn being my favorite but there is something about the light and fragile
                                flavor, the way a sun-warmed rasberry pratically melts in your mouth that
                                makes them top of the pops for me. For now.


Lady Cordelia said...

Super duper inspiring.
Especially the clothes line....
how can I get my husband to go for that..... hmmmmm....

grandma cindy said...

The food all looks delicious. Love that you are growing some of what you eat. And the diapers? Unless they are around a little sweetie that I love, that's the best I've ever seen them look!