Saturday, June 16, 2012


Ok I have to admit that I have a huge sweet tooth. Always have. So when I saw these recipies for healthy snacks, using all natural sweeters, I was skeptical. Even when I was vegan, I never really explored the world of brown rice syrup. But, the chef behind the recipes is also the author of a cookbook we like. And a friend of mine has been on a natural sweetner kick after watching this video about the toxicity of sugar. (Confession: I have not watched the video. I still want to live in denial a little bit. Is that so wrong?)

Anyway, I decided to try it. These treats that is. And, they are very tasty. The top photo shows peanut butter cranberry bars and the bottom photo shows coconut date bon-bons. Those are especially delicious. In fact, they are already gone.

I may not be ready to give up ice cream yet, but I am glad to find some healthier desserty snacks.


mama cindy said...

They both look really great. May have to get those recipes.

Grandma Bette said...

Many years ago Great Grandma Woodworth used to make date/coconut treats such as yours.They were also sooooo good. I still have the recipe but haven't made them in a long time.It proves Healthy can also be Good. ENJOY!!! MUCH LOVE