Thursday, June 21, 2012

the library

What would I do without the library? It has helped me out of my recent rut with new cookbooks, new kid crafting books, and of course the twenty million kids and adult books we bring home every week.

Yesterday we tie-dyed, today we decoupage?

Also, I was auditioning books for the role of my big summer reading project. I had a few and I was giving them time to win me over but then we watched the first episode of the BBC Sherlock story the other night. Sorry other books. My summer reading project has been casted, and it is the complete Sherlock Holmes, that I picked off the remainder table lo these many years ago. I knew it would come in handy.


mama cindy said...

Love those shirts!!! And the library? It's everything you mentioned and more. Remember how I used to say that we always ran into our favorite people at the library? :)

oma said...

sherlock! we love that quite a lot. it made me want to read the actual stories, too, but instead i just watched more sherlock. :)