Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Fathers Day Ever?

Father's Day, by Unity

First we let Papa sleep in. Then he opened his presents. Me and Bricky made him cards and Mama had a card too. Mama made a shirt that said "Face forward and sit on your bottom!" Papa always has to tell us that at dinner. This is his stern face.

After Meeting, we went to the zoo. Caspar Babypants was playing a show.
He played the Googly Eyes song. It's my favorite.

This is my dance.

                                We saw Sadie and Quinn. I like them. They go to a different school now
                                 but we are still friends.

                                                    Brixton is flying.

                                        Can you find me and Sadie dancing?

                                  We were cold at the end but we had a blanket. Also I got a Not-Its T-shirt.
                                   I like them because I like their tutus.

Then when we had dinner, we saw another one of my friends.
I am happy that Papa had a good day.


grandma ann said...

Good job, Unity, in describing Fathers' Day. You sure had lots of fun and Dad had a very nice Day.
I like his new tee shirt, and I'll bet the cards you and Brixton made for him are very pretty.

grandma cindy said...

Unity, I think you just made a picture book (kind of like the Unity Bear at Halloween one)! Great job! The pictures are fun. I especially like the stern Papa face, but will try not to ever do anything to warrant that. Now that he has that great t-shirt, I'm sure everyone will remember the dinner rules. It was fun to see Sadie and Quinn again in your pics. Glad you all planned such a nice day for Papa. He is a GREAT Papa!!