Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a little rut

These pictures have nothing to do with anything. I just liked them.

                                Lately I've been in a little bit of a rut. I feel like I'm running out of ideas.

                               I got some new cookbooks out from the library and that's been helpful,
                               at least on the food front.

                               But sometimes 3:30 rolls around and I just.don't.know. what to do.
                               Usually Brixton and I have morning activies- either music class or a playdate
                               or errands that keep us busy. But afternoons are another story. He's such an
                               inconsistant napper. Basically the only way he'll fall asleep is in the car with
                               the classical station on. So sometimes I make up an errand jus to get an afternoon
                              car ride, and even then he doesn't always sleep. I'd give it up entirely but he's
                              just cranky and obviously still needs it.

                              My sewing goals have not been happening at all. My excuse is that the only
                              consistent free time I have is at the end of the day and I'm usually too zonkered for
                              anything but my BBC dramas. Hopefully I'll get it together soon.


Unity's summer break from school is coming up and I'm trying to plan lots of fun activies for us.
(It's only a week long. Her school goes year-round.)

So I'm open to suggestions for any games, activities, outings, crafts that will keep a five year old and a two year old and their mama busy. In the probable drizzle that is a Seattle Junuary. Let me know if you think of anything!

I debated posting this cause I don't want to seem like a downer. I love staying home with my kids and also it's hard, like all jobs. I think my blogging philosophy is somewhere in between this and this.


grandma cindy said...

Love the pictures. You could spend the week taking pictures of the kids and I'd be happy! They might need something more though so I'll think about it and get back to you.

Lady Cordelia said...

Any honest mama would totally GET where you are coming from. Have you ever looked at soulemama's site?
she has so many amazing ideas. she has sections with ideas for crafting, etc..

we do art and games and stuff but a lot of the time my kids just play with eachother (4 and 6) or do what I'm doing...baking, gardening, etc..
I run out of ideas too.
We all do.

house full of jays said...

Oh these photos are sweet. Right now my house is meltdown central....I know how it goes! Sadly, I'm not feeling a fount of creative inspiration myself...I hope you find some awesome ideas. Baking is always a fall back for me....or rubber stamps, my kids love creating mail for grandparents with stamps.
Hugs to you! Enjoy those BBC dramas. :)

Megan A. said...

you could get some pom pom balls, glue, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes and make animals. Two yellow ones in a broken egg shell make a good baby chick. Brixton would need a lot of help though. And maybe Unity. Also you can paper-mache pretty much anything . . . sorry if these are elementary-school level ideas. Good luck! You'll do great. Even if it's not great, it will be great.

Anonymous said...

Visit us! Although that is not a new idea. I'll show you my Summer Fun list.
Megan W.

oma said...

oh, i feel ya! i have a ton of blogs that i look at frequently that post awesome things-to-do-with-kid ideas, but i rarely execute said ideas. i'll let you know if i have any brainstorms for you. we've done a little gluing with tissue paper over here and that's been entertaining. also, josephine now has access to her play-dough whenever she wants it and that can kill some time.

i love that soulemama is one end of your spectrum. i love reading her posts and it's easy to become transfixed/utterly envious of her tranquil-seeming world. :)