Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's creeping up on us. Summer. The Farmer's Market brings us clues, relics from lands where it's hot now.

                                            It's actually been nice here, for Junuary. I'm not complaining.
                                           I am not a 100-degrees kind of lady.

                                       Right now we are just pitting and top-cropping and then freezing
                                  the fruit. Jam is coming but we've been busy lately. And there's the lure
                                  of the BBC dramas.

                                   The top two photos are fruit we bought at the market, but that bottom one?
                                 Those are all ours baby. Home grown. and just the start of our little backyard
                                 fruit harvest.


Lady Cordelia said...

dang you! my homegrown strawberries look like bitty brown squishy things. What's the secret?

mama cindy said...

The cherries and strawberries in the first two pictures look nice, but I just want to reach through the computer and grab one of the strawberries from your garden. They look spectacular. We've got apples on our tree and plan on turning some of them into applesauce when you are here. :)

Freedom Five said...

wow! Your strawberries look great!