Thursday, June 07, 2012

This one is for Uncle Michael

So the place where Unity takes piano lessons is a little house. Each room is a different studio with a different teacher. There's one guy who runs the whole show, acts as the receptionist and also teaches guitar.
Unity's lesson is only 30 minutes long so usually we drop her off and Brixton and I go for a little walk. Today he wanted to go back early so we were just hanging around in the front area. The owner asked Brixton if he wanted to go play around with the drums. and the rest is history. He loooved it, had a big smile on his face, and kept saying he wanted to do more. Perhaps we have another drummer in the family?


grandma cindy said...

Well, now. I do LOVE this!

oma said...

you know that my favorite part of this is the party dress, right? rock on, brixton.

Uncle Michael said...

His look of joy in the first shot says it all. You have a drummer.