Sunday, July 01, 2012

what the cherries know

The cherry tree we planted when Unity was born is suddenly producing. Over the years it's given us a handful of cherries, enough to eat in one sitting. This year, all of a sudden, the branches are full, dangling the small sweet globes in front of our faces.

It makes sense to me. The tree has been planted on this earth for five years, just like our little bubbie. We were at a dinner party earlier this evening and one of the parents was enumerating the list of responsibilities that came with being one whole hand. "When you are five you will brush your own teeth. When you are five you will wear bloomers under dresses. When you are five you will put your own plate in the dishwasher."

When you are five, you start to bear your own fruit.

                               We were coming home yesterday from a friend's baby shower and I saw a bird pecking at our tree. Chris ran and got a ladder and we picked all the cherries then and there.  A pie's worth, with some left over for snacking, freezing. Storing.

                   We sat there celebrating my friend and her husband and their sweet babe not yet here.  We brought the cake out and one of the 2 year olds wanted to sing. "Happy baby to you, happy baby to you." As the song ended, a lone voice called out "and many more." My friend's eyebrows shot up. "How many is many?" she asked, bemused.

It was good to talk to her, standing on that threshhold. And feeling too how far away from it I am. My big kids, sturdy legs and solid steps. The highchair burried in my basement, some artifact of other days. There is nothing like that burst of new life into the world, in all its wild joy and terror and transformation.

But at five years old you start to bear your own fruit. And I get to be there, to be a part of it. To watch the becoming. I am beyond blessed.



oma said...

what a lovely post. i appreciate the reflection in the middle of a quiet monday when i feel like i should be doing more. :)

grandma cindy said...

So much to love about this post. What a wonderful gift that tree was to Unity when she was born. I remember watching you and Chris and Bruin plant it. [I also remember the day, many years earlier when we planted the tree that was given to you when you were born.] I love how the tree has grown along with Unity and your comparison of them both bearing fruit. Are you taking pictures of her each year with her tree like we did with you? . . . . And the cherries themselves and the baked treat? . . . they look yummy! Cheers to our 5 yr. old, to cherries and to all of you!


This is AMAZING. How incredible a gift and how special for her to get to experience HER tree bearing fruit. Brilliant. You're a beautiful writer, woman.

AND, you just won yourself a copy of Dan B's new B. Email me your info rebeccawoolf at gmail and we'll get you your book. Congrats! And keep writing!