Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fashion Show Preview

So we are starting to get ready for Kindergarten. I am excited about our new school and Unity is too. Mostly. One thing she is a little less sure of is this school uniform thing. I, however, am thrilled.

This is not surprising. My daughter and I often have differing ideas about the purpose of clothing. I prioritize comfort and protection from the weather. Unity's main concern is fancy.

But the uniform is a rule, and once I showed her the clothes she started getting into it. Mostly.

Honestly, I'm jealous. I wish someone would give me a pile of clothes and say "here, just wear that over and over." It seems so much easier.

She was a little sad that I got some pants for the uniform stash. I tried to explain that pants are sometimes useful. She is still skeptical.

One step closer to the big time!


grandma cindy said...

Tell her I said she looks great, and fancy!, in each of those outfits. I especially like the one in picture #2. That's what our students wear. (They don't get choices.) I have thoughts of sneaking her in when I go to volunteer. She might be a little short for third grade, but I'd find a way to make it work!

grandma ann said...

You look so nice, Unity! So many combinations. Can you wear somewhat
"fancy" socks? BTW: Your SMILE really
stands out; it's the first thing I noticed.

grandma cindy said...

I agree with Grandm Ann. You've clearly already taught her the song "You're never fully dressed without a smile" from ANNIE! Hope that smile lasts all through kindergarten!

oma said...

fantastic! she's rockin' the uniform. good finds, polly. are they allowed to accessorize? :)

Kristine G said...

Awwww... I like dress #2.