Friday, July 13, 2012

Rasberries and Rabbits

We had a playdate with some friends who live nearby. Jan and I are living parallel lives. We grew up in the same Chicago suburbs, both went to Earlham College, and then both moved to Seattle to do the QuEST internship program. We've worked several of the same jobs here, but not at the same time. We attend the same Quaker Meeting and now our daughters are going to attend the same kindergarten. It's a little uncanny.

                                 We played with Lena's pet rabbits. Sorry for the red eyes, they were really
                                  very sweet.

                                  Somehow I have no pictures of Lena, just her little brother Miles.

                                  They are lucky to have a huge rasberry patch in their backyard, a gift
                                 from a previous owner. They are always inviting people to come help pick.

                          Nothing like a kiddie pool on a hot day! (Well, for us it was hot. I know low 80s is child's play for some of you.)

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Freedom Five said...

we are actually having highs in the 80s today here in south Texas! Crazy. Its all the rain. Such a relief :-)