Sunday, February 19, 2012


                    We're staying pretty close to home this weekend. Grandma Ann is visiting for a few days and it's nice to just curl up and read stories and not worry about doing too many things.

                                                 Discussing the important things.... books and snacks?

                                                 Unity's outfit for Meeting for Worship.

We decided it's time to put the toddler bed rail on the crib, so Brixton has more mobility. He is a pretty good sleeper, and sometimes when he wakes up in the morning he just wants to retrieve a book and get back in bed. We're hoping he can now do this all on his own. We shall see.

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grandma cindy said...

Alright Michael! I'm sure your influence helped spring Brixton! Advice from someone in the know always carries a lot of weight! Hope Brixton enjoys his new freedom . . . and lets the rest of you sleep. P.S. Hi to Grandma Ann. I know you will have a great visit!!