Thursday, February 16, 2012

Have you seen my bita-nuna?

Brixton has a couple of made-up words that he uses for comedic effect. Like this:

What do you want for breakfast Brixton?
Bita-nuna! (Ha ha ha.)

                                Unity climbed into his crib to keep him company. So far she hasn't
                                taught him how to climb out. So far.

I feel like 80% of the conversations I'm having lately are about schools. We have gone on tours of four local public school and are trying to decide which ones to apply for. (We are assigned to a neighborhood school but we may apply to any school in the city, we just might not get in. Some are "option schools" which are like magnet/ alternative schools and some are just other neighborhood schools.)

I am the kind of person who does my research. If one of the kids is having sleep issues, for example, Chris knows that soon a huge pile of children's sleep books will show up from the library. I just get interested in something and pursue it by reading as much as I can. So I am constantly asking everyone I know what school their kid goes to and how they like it.

I know I'm overthinking a little, but it's hard because I know that wherever she ends up is going to shape our lives for the next six years and more, assuming Brixton will also go where she goes. It's going to be a major place in our lives. I treasure the person that Unity is now and I want to be a good steward of her talents and gifts and challenges and find the place that will encourage and stretch and help her grow. For a while I wanted to homeschool and I read six hundred books about that, but a conversation with Unity's preschool teacher helped me see that personality-wise that's not a great fit for us. Maybe later on.

So now the visits are all done and I just have to finish filling out the paperwork and decide where we're going to throw our hat into the ring. I know that we will find things to love and things to struggle with no matter where we end up, but I still keep seeking out that next conversation, that next piece of information, trying to find that moment that says "yes. this is the one. This is our bita-nuna."


grandma cindy said...

You guys are on the right track. Research as best you can, then do what Brixton does. Create your own bita-nuna at whatever school she ends up at. P.S. Unity has waited longer with Brixton and the crib than you did with Michael. I predict there will soon be slumber parties at your house!

Freedom Five said...

good luck! There are some pretty good charter schools out there just sucks to have to win a lottery...

Mary-Jayne walker said...

I totally understand. I went to a parent co-op school called the open classroom. I have a book about the educational philosophy if you would like to borrow it. I am passionate about this topic because I feel so lucky about my early childhood experience. Unity and Brixton are so lucky to have such great parents.

Uncle Michael said...

Free Brixton!!!

oma said...

you'll find your bita-nuna, i just know it. my fingers are crossed for you and i'm feeling your pain. :)