Thursday, February 09, 2012


                            Growing something takes time, and attention. It's a different pace, a long slow pace, with little sudden bursts of activity. All of that preparation and checking and letting it sit and then suddenly-

                                 (This is my first sourdough, using lots of help from this book. )

                                   Sometimes you can't see it yet, but you tend the soil and wait and dream....

                                         It's amazing, every time, how all that waiting and gentle attention can
suddenly ease this burst of change, this transformed being, into the world.

Showing us the essence of themselves that was waiting there all along.

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grandma cindy said...

I love all of those growing things, especially the ones in the last two pictures! We're trying to figure out if Brixton is Goldilocks or baby bear. Or is he assigned dual roles? Either way, we'd like to see the show.