Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Puddle Dancing

                               This place that live- it's soft around the edges. It's grey and green.
                               It's a little soggy, a little frayed. People don't have the shiny hard edges
                               they develop in some other places.

                                Most of the time we don't get caught in deep drifts of white, chilling sparkles
                               that float down from the sky. Most of the time we can walk easily through our
                               winters with just a little covering, a splash on our hems.
                                    And no matter where in the city you are, there's always a coffee shop just up
                                    the street, with warmth and light and that deep rich taste that makes your brain
                                    buzz a little against the grey.

It's not easy, I don't think any place is easy, but it's gentle, most of the time.
     And it holds us.

1 comment:

grandma cindy said...

Well, that's the way to stay positive through your wet winter. Did Mr. B. make a mud pie too? P.S. I'm sending a little sunshine your way just in case you'd like some of that too.