Monday, February 13, 2012

This Weekend- the twist

                                    Oh man it sure is a Monday. Unity dropped her lunch box on our way out the door to school and her food spilled all over the front porch stairs. Soo, I ran back inside and made her a new lunch and we were on our way. Anyway, let's reminisce about the weekend, shall we?

It was another busy one, which is somewhat typical, but with a new twist. Saturday I made those muffins for a potluck brunch at a neighbor's house. They are cinnamon puffs from the King Arthur Flour cookbook. It was fun to hang out with a bunch of garden punks, all of us talking about what we're sprouting in our basements or fermenting in our kitchens.

In the afternoon Chris had a game day at a friends house, which he's been looking forward to for ages, and then we had date night at Sophie's place. The kids played well together, and even though Brixton was the only little guy, he managed to hold his own. Sophie's parents have bees and I got all excited about the idea. Bees! We could totally do that! Meanwhile Chris is shaking his head, saying "If you want to do this, that's fine, but don't get me involved." Sigh.

Sunday was Meeting, and then Unity had (another!) birthday party to attend.  That evening I went out with my dear friend Megan and we had fabulous Vietnamese food and went to a lovely and inspiring spoken word show.

Ok- so what's the twist? Well in one weekend we did fun social activities as a family and also each individual parent got to spend time with a friend. That hasn't happened was born? Success!

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mama cindy said...

The muffins look yummy! I can see why you had a hard time keeping the kids away from them until the brunch. Glad you had such a nice weekend.