Friday, February 17, 2012

Field Trip for a cause

  Yesterday I got to be a chaperone for a field trip Unity's class took to a local food bank.

                              The kids all hold on to the rope. They call it "Mr. Roper" and they sing and chant
the whole time. It takes quite a long time to walk the three block to the food bank. They are each holding a can of food in a little bag with their other hand.
                              We talked in very basic terms about what the food bank is and why people need it.

                                             Then we got the grand tour, of the giant fridge and freezer.

I'm glad the kids are learning about service at an early age. Even if it's a very basic beginning, it's still a beginning.

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mama cindy said...

You and Chris have been providing Unity and Brixton with examples of service by your own actions all of their lives. It's nice to know that service to others is also being encouraged at school.