Wednesday, May 01, 2013

On tangles and a fresh start

I've been having some knitting troubles for the past six or nine months. I was working on this one big project, a cardigan. I had such beautiful yarn and I was really loving it. Then on Ravelry I saw some adaptions of my pattern that I liked better. So I tried to add sleeves and change the decreases. It just kept getting worse. I ripped parts of it out and started over. I did this two or three times. Finally I gave up. I'm not ready to mess around with pattern adaptions, at least not yet. I started to frog the whole thing and the yarn got tangled and I couldn't even finish the dissolution of my project. 

I stopped knitting for a while. I was pretty discouraged. 

Lately I've been missing it, so I've started again. I tried to finish a second sock, that I had started a while ago, but then I realized I just needed a fresh project, a brand new start. So it's a sock but the first one and with new-ish yarn from the stash basket. I'm feeling ok about it, glad to be knitting again, hopeful about overcoming my mistakes and confusion this time. I have to remind myself that I've only been knitting for three or four years, and I still have a lot to learn. Everything helps though, even the disasters teach me.

For books,  I read The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman over Spring Break. It came out a few years back but it's a super interesting and sad story about cultural misunderstandings and medicine and lack of communication. I think things in the medical culture are better now, at least I hope so. 

The other book is Circle of Simplicity by Cecile Andrews. Simplicity as a topic comes up a lot in my Quaker world, and this book is great for sparking discussion about how a simple life is not about giving up things but about gaining community and purpose and greater connections, both spiritually and in the natural world. 

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Leslie said...

I would be glad to come and de-tangle your yarn while we talk and have tea. I'm a good de-tangler. My friend says. "I wouldn't have the patience for that" while I just work through the knots and twists.

mama cindy said...

Good for you for keeping at it!