Monday, April 29, 2013


So, we're back from another great weekend at Quarterly Meeting, with nary a picture to show for it.
Sometimes I like to just relish being unplugged, and this weekend was a great time for it. The kids hang out in packs, mostly by age, and bake bread and build boats to sail in the creek and sing by the campfire.

The teens are responsible for organizing themselves. They have an adult mentor but they manage their own time and activities and rules, and they have a big sleepover in the barn together (with the adult mentor too.) This weekend there were a lot of teens, and it's great to see them hanging out and bonding and sharing that goofy joy of just loving being in each others' company. We start to imagine ten years down the road when it's  our own kids continuing those strong bonds and connections. I pray that it will be so.

The adults go to the discussion groups and worship groups but also find time to walk in the woods or just sit in the sun and read. We get to hang out with Quakers from across the state and parts of Idaho, and hear about the strengths and challenges of their different Meetings, and talk about what connects us.

I am thankful for this time, of rest and connection and good conversations. I am always thankful for Quarterly.

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mama cindy said...

What a great weekend!