Tuesday, April 02, 2013

More music

Music has been such a huge force in my life, and in Chris's. It's one of the ways we first connected. Chris especially gets deeply involved in his music, spending hours researching and listening to and taking care of his record collection. We were lucky enough this weekend to attend a show of his favorite band. They were around in the 90s in Seattle and haven't played a show in 15 years, but when a local internet radio station asked them to play a fundraiser, they said sure. So we went, and ran into a bunch of people we haven't seen in years and Chris danced his heart out in a crowd of people yelling the words along with him.

I love that my kids get their own version of that. On a Saturday morning, with the sun coming through the windows. They jump and dance and squeal with delight when the band plays their favorite song. They run into their friends and make new ones and hold hands while they jump around. And then we get to go and have lunch. 

I know that as they get older, I might not always love the music that they love, but I will be glad of the ways that it moves them, the ways that they love it. 


grandma cindy said...

Music, like books, takes you places and is linked forever in your mind with certain times and events. Music, like books, brings forth so many different emotions. Music and books add a special dimension to life. So glad your lives are filled with both!

Alex said...

Chris's hair is short, then long, and then shorter again. I'm trippin'.

PKJ said...

it's layered :)