Monday, May 20, 2013

Bike mania

                 We are in full-on bike mania mode these days. Mostly because my project with the PTA this year has been to help organize and plan Bike to School day and Walk to School day. We were lucky enough to get a grant this year so we've been able to do all kinds of fun workshops and assemblies at school to try and encourage kids to ride more often.

Over the weekend we had a bike Rodeo at the school and the kids learned safety tips and had their helmets checked and fitted and then got to ride an obstacle course on the playground.

It's been fun watching Unity and Brixton both get more comfortable with their bikes and Unity has ridden to school a couple of times so far. She gets tired but she keeps trying, and that in itself is pretty awesome.

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mama cindy said...

Good for you for organizing those great activities at school. Looks like they have been well received too.