Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm turning 35

                 So, a birthday. It feels like crossing a threshold, moving to a new bracket.
Seems almost impossible sometimes, I think in my heart 25 doesn't feel that long ago. But then, I think about it, about my big house full of roommates and working two jobs and starting grad school and having no kids, and then it does feel that long ago.

My life, in a lot of ways, is so much simpler and calmer now. And I'm glad of it, glad of the peace of small things, glad of my communities that are so important, glad of holding on to the sacred bits all mixed in with the everyday.

So hello mid-thirties. Let's do this.

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mama cindy said...

What a lovely reflection on your birthday (and your life). So glad you were able to spend your birthday in such a pleasant way too. We loved that our phone call to you caught you reading on a blanket at the beach on a warm, sunny day!