Thursday, May 30, 2013

all the love

This weekend we got to hang with some of our Spring Kids crew. Even though we don't hang out every day like we did when they were babes in arms, it's always good when we are together. 

They weave in and out of rooms, chasing and following and leading each other. Inventing games that only they understand, and swapping loose tooth tales. They pause only for a few minutes, to shovel some food in their mouths and then continue on their way. 

And we boring stationary grown-ups sit and eat and talk, letting them run over and around us, until that last moment of goodbye when they wrap their arms around each others necks and squeeze tight, stumbling around and laughing in that moving motion of love that is their friendship. 

1 comment:

mama cindy said...

I see the love spilling out of your pictures and I hear the love in the poetry of your words. Nice!