Monday, May 13, 2013

camping indoors

We've had a string of lovely days lately, with long sunny afternoons turning into clear and bright evenings. Of course, the rest of my family would tell you that "it's hot. and we don't have air conditioning. and  I need ice water. and lemonade. and it's hooooooot." 

So last night the kids asked if they could sleep in their play tent. We were skeptical, but we let them try it.

As you might imagine, they did not fall asleep this way. But they asked to be transferred back to the tent after they fell asleep.

So they did get to wake up in the tent, on the living room floor. 


Megan L said...

hmmm that's a good idea :-)

grandma cindy said...

Camping? Yes!! Can't imagine how you got them back in the little tent after they fell asleep though. Good job! What fun that they got to wake up in there!