Wednesday, May 15, 2013


           This weekend I got to participate in one of the most beautiful traditions of Quakerism; a clearness committee. Any member of a Meeting can ask for one when they feel it's needed. My struggle was fairly small, I had been asked to serve on a committee for the organization that does our Quaker lobbying for the state. It makes sense that I was asked, I have the time and energy and this year I have been pretty involved with Quaker Lobby Day and following and advocating for some bills. But I wasn't sure and I didn't know how to be sure.

So, my clearness committee met. It was me and three wise women from my Meeting and we worshiped together and then they asked me questions. That's how it works, they are not there to give advice or tell me what to do, they are there to help me to find the clarity that's waiting for me. And it was good to figure out some things, to realize that just because an opportunity came asking doesn't mean it's my calling. That maybe it's for someone else, someone who would be excited about it, and that my service, my opportunity is something else, something that I will be excited about.

I am so thankful for the women and the learning and the respect and being able to be a part of this beautiful beautiful tradition.


oma said...

i'm so glad you found support in making the decision. i can imagine convening clearness committees around all sorts of things... :)

mama cindy said...

It sounds wonderful to be able to call on that extra wisdom to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings so that you can arrive at a resolution. And I imagine that sometime you will be called on to be part of a clearness committee in support of someone else. It's a beautiful concept.