Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yarn along- the interestings and a hat

It's been a while since I did a Yarn Along. I did knit a hat over Christmas but it went pretty quickly. In fact, I'm making another one from the same pattern, which is hats for all from Taproot magazine. The last one had the bizarre ability to fit all four of us, so we'll see what this one does.

I finished the Interestings and I loved it. It's the story of a group of friends who meet at a summer camp for the arts in the 1970s and it follows them through success, jealousy, children, secrets, and coming to terms with who they really are. I have read Meg Wolitzer before and liked it mostly but this one is way better.

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mama cindy said...

Hats for everyone! I think I'll try to get a copy of that book. Sounds good to me.

Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

That hat looked lovely... happy knitting!

oma said...

that was one of my favorite reads last year. so so good. glad you loved it, too.