Thursday, January 16, 2014

This old house- walls

            Our basement bathroom project is coming along. We now have walls!


mama cindy said...

Wow! Moving right along!! I think I have the first picture pretty well figured out, but I'm not sure where you were standing when you took the second picture. I'm confused. Are you in the family room looking toward the wall (with paneling) where the opening to the stairs is? The first pic looks like the wall parallel to the washer and dryer no longer has paneling. Right? Anyway, can't wait to see the finished project!

PKJ said...

Yes, you are right. The first picture I'm standing on the bottom of the stairs. There's no more paneling on the wall where the washer/dryer is.

The second picture I'm standing in the family room looking toward the stairs.

grandma ann said...

Looking good. Chris said that you have added more insulation, as well.