Sunday, January 26, 2014

This weekend Chris and Unity visited the math store and got a new book. They decided together that the math homework she gets from school wasn't quite enough and they wanted to do more together. They found a workbook that has problems similar to the ones she's doing in school and they've been working on it every day. She is excited about it, it helps that it's a special thing she can do with Dad and he can share how fun it is for him. 

We got one of our seed orders in and daydreaming about Spring can officially begin. 

And Brixton was working on his music of course. His drum teacher uses an approach where each rhythm has the name of a different animal. Brixton will sing/chant the animal names and try to write his own rhythms. Again, he is really excited about this. 

I know it sounds like we are trying to run a Lil Genius factory over here but it's fun to watch them exploring their passions and getting totally sucked in to their practice/play. 

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grandma cindy said...

The key statement was that they are pursuing their passions and, oh by the way, getting in some practice. You aren't pushing them. They are having fun. That's what learning is all about. Good job!