Saturday, January 25, 2014

family movie night

My kids have a pretty low tolerance for movies. We've tried to have family movie night a few times but they get scared very easily, sometimes over the smallest bits of dramatic tension, so we haven't been very successful. 

That's starting to change. Some of it is just due to getting older and a bit wiser, and some maybe is our movie choices. It's hard to tell. But the first movie that really worked for all of us was the Muppets take Manhattan. Once they realized how fun that movie was, they wanted to watch it over and over. Finally! We had a movie that didn't drive the adults nuts ( Hi Dora) and that didn't terrify the kids. 

I'm glad to say we've found another movie that meets all our needs; The Sword and the Stone. It's a Disney release from the 1960s, based on the novel by T.H. White. We watched it over the course of a few days, in twenty or thirty minute increments. There were times when the kids were huddled under the blanket and we had to persuade them to come out, but there were some slapstick scenes that had them grabbing each others hands and shrieking in delight. 

So I guess family movie night may become something we can actually enjoy together, as long as we find those elusive movies with just the right amounts of funny-not-too-scary-interesting. 


Megan L said...

My kids and I love The Croods, Despicable Me 2, and Little Rascals.

grandma cindy said...

Priceless expressions! Funny that they don't seem to be scared at the same spots. I suppose it depends on whether they are concentrating on the movie or the popcorn at any given moment. :)

oma said...

we are always on the lookout for not-scary, not-too-much movies. we have enjoyed "my neighbor totoro," "the aristocats," the newest winnie the pooh movie, shawn the sheep episodes. next on our list is the old disney robin hood. i'll add your two, too!