Sunday, January 05, 2014

Before and during

Warning: extremely photo heavy post. 

Old houses are charming in many ways. I love our wood floors on the main floor of our house, and all the little details that would just never happen with contemporary design. I like thinking of all the times and people this house has seen. 


You knew there was a but, right? Old houses are hard. Our house is over a hundred years old. Sometimes that means that there isn't the closet space for our contemporary cluttered lifestyle. Pretty much always it means that whenever we do a project in the house, we will discover something new about the internal parts of the house, and hopefully it won't be too terrible and hard to fix. 

We're embarking on a project to remodel our downstairs bathroom. It's a strange little half-bath, with only a toilet and a shower, and mostly no one uses it. This means our family of four shares the one full bathroom upstairs, which is fine for now but I can see causing problems down the road once the kids are older. 

So, here are some before shots of the bathroom in the basement. It's so tiny and narrow it's actually kind of difficult to get a picture of it, but I did my best. 

And here are some shots after the first day of construction.

Getting ready to pour new concrete. 

This is where my washing machine used to be, and will be again. 

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