Wednesday, October 31, 2012

trick or treat

and, then we had our official costume night. with a couple of snags of course. as we were getting ready after dinner, Chris called to me from the other room. "Polly, come look at this." So I did, specifically at the goop coming out of Brixton's eye. Yup, pink eye. So the friendly monster went with Papa to the ER to trick-or-treat for antibiotics and Unity and I went out. (Don't worry she promised to share her candy with him and he was the hit of the not-at-all-busy ER.)

                             Our street is too busy for trick or treating so we went to our friend Lena's house.
                             Lena is in Unity's class and also attends Meeting with us. She's a fairy and
                             her friend Ali is a crocodile.

                                   Dancing in the streetlights......

                              Then we went to see Reuben. He was the Titanic.

                                       Wait, you need more of that costume don't you? I thought so.         

                                     amazing, I know.

Then Unity and Reuben performed a little song and dance routine for us, that I like to call
"Burning off the sugar."
and now, to bed.
Happy Halloween.

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grandma cindy said...

OOH. . . Brixton provided the scary stuff for Halloween with that pink eye. Hope you don't all get it. Loved seeing the costumes, especially the Titanic. Way to go Reuben (and his mom!!).