Wednesday, October 24, 2012

dancing and art

Over the weekend we got to see a great kindie band play. The Board of Education writes fun dancy songs about nerdy stuff, it's a great combination. (Their most famous song is called "Why does dad get so mad about Star Wars?" and it's about the generation gap between the 80s Star Wars movies and the prequels. )   Pretty awesome, you have to admit.

We went with a bunch of friends from preschool days and Unity had fun dancing with them.
and with dad of course.

                                      On Monday Brixton and I went to the Kid's Museum with Tarah and Baird.
                   We used to go all the time with Unity but it's been a while, and B had mostly forgotten
about it. Which was great, it was like a whole new place to him.

                                He loved the pretend grocery shopping. Sometimes, it's the little things, right?

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grandma cindy said...

Fun! Dancing, yes, please. Drawing, yes!, yes! Love the firefighter look too. And the shopping? How did that big slab of "tofu" get in his cart? Bet he had no idea what it was.