Sunday, October 28, 2012

a sneak peak...

Every so often we attempt to have a family movie night. This is harder than you might think because we have the following rules: 1. the movie must be something that adults can sit through without wanting to scream. (Sorry Dora, you're out.) 2. the movie must be something that kids can watch without the plot being too "scary". (This eliminates almost everything- including Cinderella, the life of a sea turtle, and Wallace and Gromit.) Mostly we have been without success. On Friday we tried to watch the Land Before Time which is about cute and cuddly dinosaurs. Also, a T-Rex. Yeah so that wasn't the best but we actually made it through two-thirds of the movie which is a record for us.
                                Cuddling up for the movie. They always get so excited by the idea of it.....

                  We went to a pumpking carving party on Saturday which is a neat way of getting the job done while also socializing with friends and neighbors, all of us up to our elbows in pumpkin goop.
The faces on our porch.
The next party we went to was a costume party so you get an exclusive look
at our Halloween festivities this year.
                                            Confused? She's a butterfly driving a truck, concept inspired by a
                                            favorite Caspar Babypants song.
                                              and Brixton really wanted to be a monster,
                                              a "fwendly monster." Check and check.
 It's nice when your outfit also makes a great table.

                        and thankfully the party came equiped with a swing to burn off some of the sugar.

I can't believe we haven't even gotten to the real holiday yet. whew.


grandma cindy said...

Absolutely love it all!! The butterfly driving a truck turned out great and our monster certainly does look fwendly. Thanks for the sneak preview. Our jack-0-lantern turned moldy long ago, but it was fun carving it with the kids when you were here. That was our very first sneak preview of the holiday. :)

oma said...

have you tried the new "winnie the pooh" movie? "mary poppins"? "follow that bird"? that's the extent of our family movie-watching here, but they were good and worked for jo.

i figured out butterfly driving a truck from the picture! nice! and brixton looks very friendly.

Aunt Kristine said...

Those costumes are ADORABLE! Well done!