Sunday, October 14, 2012

our weekend

Our weekend started early because Unity had the day off school on Friday. We did some Halloween decorating and painted our nails and started making her Halloween costume. It was a pretty fun mother-daughter day.

                                 Don't be fooled by the photos, there was no napping to be had. But we did have swimming, and potlucking with our spring kids crew, and a really nice Meeting for Worship.

Autumn is really here now and I am loving the sweaters and the hot drinks and soup, the bright leaves and the cool air. Perfect weather for, as Unity would say, "putting on pajamas and getting in bed and snuggling and listening to Christmas music." I know, it's too early but this is her idea of cozy for all seasons. And really, I'm good with it. I like cozy too.

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Baby By The Sea said...

Yup. This weekend, this weather was all about being cozy and having hot drinks and soup. So nice, so much snuggling. Love the purple fingers. So cute!

Anonymous said...

i think we may own that very same shade of purple ;-)

sounds like a good weekend! can't wait to see the halloween costume you've cooked up.

grandma cindy said...

Sounds like a lovely, full weekend. Would have loved to have gotten in on that snuggling. I've saved up the memories from your visit though and they will have to carry me through until next time. P.S. The purple looks good!