Sunday, October 21, 2012

all you need....

We've had such a lovely weekend. Thanks to a discount from my brother's job, we got a new couch!
I'm super excited about it, and if you've ever sat on our old couch I bet you're excited too.

Unity decorated foam flowers and glued them to headbands.

                                         Brixton made Lego trucks.

                                      We listened to these guys....such a good rainy Saturday afternoon album.

                                Chris fixed the electrical system on his new/old scooter. It works!

                                Brixton cuddled with baby Wumpy. 

and now there's squash soup simmering
and the kitchen is warm and smells good and the kids are playing together without fighting and
all's well with the world.

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grandma cindy said...

Couch looks great! Scooter looks great! Kid's look great (and happy)! Soup sounds great. Way to go!!