Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Jam

This weekend marked an exciting milestone for us. Our local farmer's market has opened for the season! It's still early, so all I bought was pickles and apples, but it was so exciting to take the kids and stroll around visiting all the booths and seeing neighbors.

 It also inspired me to clean last summers fruit out of the freezer to make room for the coming bounty.

                                          Thus, cherry jam. With just a hint of vanilla. And just in time too, we are down to our last jar of jam from last summer.

Also we got out a step stool and introduced Unity to the wonders of the washing machine. Hey, if she's going to change her clothes three times a day... To her credit she is actually really excited about helping out around the house and has been asking if there are any dishes she can wash. Well, if you insist. I give most of the credit to her Montessori school for making practical life skills fun.

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grandma cindy said...

Cherry jam? Yum!! Unity is going to start doing her own laundry at age 5? You were much older when you started. I should have sent you to Montessori school. :)

a soulful life said...

Cherry jam is my favourite. It looks and sounds delicious especially with a hint of vanilla.
And my little girls love to have regular costume changes throughout the day too :)

Swanski said...

I think our farmer's market opens soon too. The jam looks delicious!

Lady Cordelia said...

yuummmmm cherry jam sounds so good.
I wish the cherries weren't do dang expensive here!

angie said...

thanks for the reminder! I've got to make some jam this week!

Tracey said...

Thankfully I am still well stocked in the jam department, but am waiting [a little antsy] for the tomatoes to really come in so I can begin canning.
I started my babies washing their things very young too and for the same reason!