Friday, May 11, 2012

Trends in Reading for Q2 for Polly

We are pleased to report to shareholders that Polly has shown steady growth in reading for the second fiscal quarter of the year (and a sneak peak at the third quarter). While the number of books per month has remained steady, the number of pages per month has shown growth, with an impressive 3901 pages in April. Even more impressive are trends in the average number of pages per book, which show an increase as well, leading us to think that Polly has been taking on larger books during the spring, which investors need to see for sustained reading growth.

However, statistics from February show a large number of books read, with the smallest number of pages per book and the largest number of pages per day, leading analysts to believe that Polly focused on what the industry refers to as 'young adult' literature during the doldrums of the middle of winter. This shows the versatility of Polly as she reacts proactively to ensure sustained reading in a volatile market.

Overall results were 8,219 pages for the quarter from 26 books, with an average of 90.32 pages per day. Polly is very pleased with her results for the second quarter of the fiscal year and the initial statistics for the third quarter suggest similar strong growth for shareholders.

Please note that these statistics do not reflect reading in the 'children's books' and 'magazine' categories which may also impact shareholder dividends.

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oma said...

wow. i am very impressed with this analysis. i would invest heavily in polly. (and would take book recommendations, too.)