Monday, May 07, 2012

Our weekend getaway

This weekend we went to the Olympic Peninsula to celebrate a certain Papa's upcoming milestone birthday.

                               It was magical. We had a little cabin on the beach, just rustic enough.
                                (Brixton wants me to tell you about how we threw rocks in the water.
                                 We did.)

                                And yes, this beach is a bundle-up beach. That's what happens when you
                                are in a rainforest.

                                   We hiked through the Hoh rain forest. It's hard to describe- these
                                    massive trees, older than old, covered with moss.

                                I guess it puts turning 40 in perspective.

These trees are still growing out of their nurse log. Little sprouts will start to grow on a fallen log, feeding off the nutrients. They grow in a row, all lined up on the log. These huge trees are still lined up around what's left of their nurse log. So beautiful.


Freedom Five said...

wow, that place really is beautiful!

Kristine G said...

Happy early birthday, Chris!

grandma cindy said...

Now that was a stunning way to celebrate a special birthday! Happy Birthday Chris!