Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yarn along- sweater front

                Well my first sweater is coming along. The thing is, I'm running out of yarn. Again. But my yarn store is ordering more so it's going to be ok, I think. Next up is working the shoulders, and when I read the pattern I have to admit it made no sense to me. But I assume it will work out once I start trying it.

I read such a good book this week- Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I was a fan of her annonymous advice column Dear Sugar and then she announced that she was going to throw a party on Valentine's Day and reveal her identity. Part of the reason for that was this book. Which is honest and funny and lovely. It's a memoir about a young woman who has everything with the early death of her mother and decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. The wilderness takes over and batters her and eventually heals her. Oh it's so so good.

I'm also reading the next Susan Cooper book, The Grey King, for my online book club. Which is fun and maybe a good palate cleanser after such an amazing intense read.

More yarn and books at Small Things.


Swanski said...

I hope your yarn arrives soon so you can continue knitting. It's looking very lovely so far!

mama cindy said...

It looks great! When I saw you working on it last week, I thought it was the same all over. How did I miss the detail on it? Glad you will be able to get more yarn.

oma said...

looks so good! i can't promise i can figure it all out, either, but if you want to talk through the tricky parts, i'd be happy to look it over with you.

Mistea said...

Delicious Red with a double cable - perfect combination and it looks wonderful. Hope your yarn comes soon.