Monday, March 19, 2012

a sudden frost

                                 We woke up to an unexpected frost coating everything. How is it
                                 80 degrees in Chicago and here we have this? It's really not right.

                                  It's sad to see the delicate spring flowers dealing with this. I hope
                                   they pull through.

and our starts! Well they are all brassicas. I guess if they make it, they'll be extra tasty.

Also- Chris and I watched an amazing documentary last night. It's called the Interrupters and it's about former gang members in Chicago who go out and work with young people to resolve conflicts and stop violence before it starts. It was one of the most powerful examples of peacemaking and reconciliation that I have ever seen. Watch it!


grandma cindy said...

You'll just have to move to Chicago. That's all there is to it!

Baby By The Sea said...

Oh, look at that new growth. There's so much potential.