Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Kids Are...

                                              So they are five now. Five!  This group of kids who have known each other pretty much since they were born.
                                            It's something that I am constantly thankful for, this community. How we have listened to each other and reassured each other. We watch each others kids and share tips on schools and playgrounds.
                                 We've swaped books and recipes, trick-or-treated together, welcomed new babies, warmed new homes and danced at birthdays.
                                  And our kids- they grow into each other, and away, then back again. Discovering new games, and delighting in old ones.
                                    Younger siblings are bonding too.
                                 Parenting, whew. It's such a strange and consuming trip. All the more reason to celebrate those moments. The ones where we sit back and enjoy each other, our kids and all the crazy wonder they bring to us, to our city, our world.

                                It's like a beautiful spring day when you realize you don't need all those layers after all.
                                     So three cheers for the Spring Kids.

                                           Keep making your magic.

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grandma cindy said...

Three cheers for the spring kids' parents too! Good job!