Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sibling magic

Brixton saw this picture and narrated it. "I fall on the head. I rock with Ti-Ti and I not sad."

There are times when they would fight over anything. Some old broken toy that no one's touched in a year. But they are howling with rage and need, clawing each other over it.

There are times when they spend the whole afternoon playing long elaborate games together, packing up possessions and paddling in their laundry basket boat.

The age and gender difference are so similar to myself and my brother that it gives some of us pause. When my parents were here for Unity's bithday, my dad caught himself calling Brixton by my brother's name. It does give me insight to what parts of my childhood were like, what it was like for my parents. Seeing it from the other side.

My first journal, begun when I was seven, is full of scrawled entries, messy with fierce anger towards my brother. He was my rival until suddenly he was my friend, my dearest. We've talked about how amazing it is to have a close friend who knows your whole life. The entire thing. How we can walk beside each other with that knowledge and that closeness.

I watch them as their game turns from screams to laughter and back in the space of a few minutes.
I can only hope.


grandma ann said...

What a nice post + picture...beautifully expressed.

mama cindy said...

Very sweet picture. I love it. And I especially love your words. We see, and honor, Unity and Brixton for the unique individuals they are, but it's true, sometimes when we are with you guys we can't help but be reminded of you and Michael and days long past. It fills our hearts with happiness that you and your brother feel so close to each other and it is our fondest wish that Unity and Brixton will establish that same kind of a relationship too.