Thursday, March 01, 2012

Teeth of Glory

                Molar. If you are parent that word will inspire looks of terrified horror. If you are not a parent, it might seem strange. Molar...a kind of tooth?

                                 The kind of tooth that turns your child into a miserable screaming wreck while they are acquiring it.

                                  Last night the only place he wanted to sleep was the kitchen chair. I kept putting him in bed and he kept getting out and saying "I need to eat my corns" and then promptly curling up on the chair and going to sleep.
We'll get through it though. After all we've got some special visitors coming and some big events planned.


grandma cindy said...

Hey now. He was getting teeth last time I was there. Poor darling! I remember how miserable he was then. We'll have fun anyway!

oma said...

i just moments before reading this checked josephine's gums for a sign of these dreaded things. sigh. i hope they come in quickly and leave the poor kid alone soon.